Consulting/Tax Planning

Speak to our experts about your accounting or tax concerns. Whether you need help expanding your business, working abroad, or just aren’t sure where to turn- we’re here to help!

Consulting/Tax Planning Services

Speak with a tax expert to make a plan and cut your tax bill as much as possible. Here’s what our experts can help with:

US Individual Tax Planning

  • Expatriate Tax
  • US Digital Nomad Tax
  • Cryptocurrency Investments
  • Contractor vs W-2 Employee
  • Optimizing 1040 Taxation
  • Retirement Planning

US Business Tax Planning

  • Entity Formation
  • Quarterly Tax Payments
  • Offshore Structuring
  • Corporation Tax Planning
  • Hiring Remote Workers
  • Reporting Foreign Assets
  • Record-keeping Principals
  • Payroll Assistance

Opening your business in the USA

  • Incorporating in the US
  • Understanding US Tax Obligations
  • Effectively Connected Income (ECI)
  • Ongoing US Compliance